Saturday, April 4, 2020

Anellini Pasta with Broccoli and Ham

I was in the mood for Pasta but didn't want any Tomato Sauce, so I decided to make what I often cook for my grandson, who is 2. He loves Pasta and I like to throw in some vegetables in whatever sauce I make for him, so that he will get more nutrition. His current favorite is Anellini Pasta with Broccoli and Ham. I buy Le Veneziane Anellini Pasta online, which is a wonderful Gluten Free Pasta from Italy. It's made from Corn and my friends who are not Gluten Free cannot even tell that it's not regular Pasta He loves the little round circles of Anellini Pasta and he loves Butter and Garlic so that's what I season it with. He likes it with Ditalini Pasta too and I think Orzo would also be good. I mince up the Ham and Broccoli - usually some luncheon meat and some leftover steamed Broccoli from the night before and he just loves it.  He wasn't here, but I did have those ingredients and made it for myself. The only difference in how I made it was to use fresh minced Garlic instead of Garlic Powder. My son liked it too and he topped his with Parmesan Cheese. It's easily doubled if you want to make more. I ate it with a spoon and was very happy!

Anellini Pasta with Broccoli and Ham

1 cup Anellini Pasta (or another small pasta shape) 
1 cup cooked Broccoli, minced
1 cup minced Ham
2 large Garlic Clove minced (or use Garlic Powder)
6 Tablespoons salted Butter
Optional Parmesan Cheese for serving

Boil the Anellini Pasta in a pot of salted boiling water until done (according to the package directions) and then drain. 

In the meantime, in a frying pan, melt the Butter and add in the Garlic Clove. Cook until you can smell the Garlic Fragrance well. Then add in the Ham and Broccoli and cook until hot. Add in the drained Pasta when done and stir to combine, reheating if necessary. Serve with Parmesan Cheese.

Five Element Analysis

The Anellini Pasta is made with Corn so it belongs to the Earth Element. The Broccoli contributes the Wood Element and the Ham brings in the Water Element. The Garlic, Butter and Parmesan Cheese add the Metal Element. Only the Fire Element is missing, so it would be good to serve a side salad or maybe some Iced Tea to create balance.

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