Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Black and White Gomasio - Japanese Sesame Salt

For all of you who explored Macrobiotic cooking, you will recognize this condiment as it is one of the mainstays of that diet. It's been a long time since I had it and I recently saw it for sale at a health food store and I was inspired to make it again at home. It is really easy to make and so good with rice, especially brown rice.  It's a mixture of Sesame Seeds and Salt and that's it. The ratio varies between 12 parts Sesame to 1 part Salt up to 15 parts Sesame to 1 part Salt. I like my Gomasio a little less salty so I use the 15 to 1 ratio. To make it, you toast the Sesame Seeds and smash them a bit to give the final product a texture that is both soft and crunchy.  I like to mix both Black and White Sesame Seeds together as I think it is more beautiful, although White Sesame Seeds are more traditional.  It's so simple and oh so good for you. Sesame Seeds are considered one of the best foods for the Kidneys and the Black Sesame Seeds in particular are thought to help you grow hair. I would eat them just for that reason, but luckily this little condiment is also delicious!

Black and White Gomasio

3 Tablespoons White Sesame Seeds
2 Tablespoons Black Sesame Seeds
1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt

Heat the Sesame Seeds in a small frying pan and cook until they smell toasted, pushing down with the back of the spatula to smash some of the Sesame Seeds. Then add in Salt and continue to stir until Salt is mixed in. Remove to a bowl and cool and put into an airtight glass jar. Serve over Rice.

Five Element Analysis

This is purely a Water Element Food as Sesame Seeds and Sea Salt all belong to this element.  Rice is Metallic when White and more Earthy when Brown, but clearly this needs to be part of a bigger meal to create a Five Element balance.

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