Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Raspberry Whipped Cream Frosting

I am helping to celebrate my friend's birthday and decided to make some Devil's Food Cupcakes (Gluten Free of course). I'm not big on regular frosting, but I do love Whipped Cream frosting and I decided to add some dehydrated fruit since I read about the technique on Serious Eats. I used dehydrated raspberries from Trader Joe's and since I was at my friend's house, I didn't have a food processor so I smashed them inside the bag with a rolling pin. Then I added them to heavy whipping cream along with sugar (I added a bit more than the recipe originally called for) and whipped it up in a stand mixer. Oh my, it was so delicious!  And on top of Devil's Food Cupcakes, it was divine!  The dehydrated fruit acts as a natural thickener and makes it a much better texture for frosting. Plus it keeps in the refrigerator well. However, I can guarantee that it won't last long!  This recipe is absolutely a keeper and I am going to make it again very soon and want to try it with all the other dehydrated fruits too!

Raspberry Whipped Cream Frosting
adapted from Serious Eats

1/2 cup pulverized Dehydrated Fruit (about 1/2 ounces - I used Raspberries)
16 ounces heavy Whipping Cream
1/3 cup Sugar

Lightly smash the Dehydrated fruit in the bag using a rolling pin or put into a mortar and pestle and crush gently.  When powdered, add to the mixing bowl of a stand mixer and add in the whipping cream and sugar. Mix until lightly whipped.  Serve as a frosting.

Five Element Analysis

Whipping Cream like most white dairy foods belongs to the Metal Element. Raspberries are one of the Fire foods and being dried makes them even more Fiery. The Sugar adds in a touch of the Earth Element. I would never expect a frosting to be a balanced food, but this one goes well with a cake made with Eggs that add the Water Element and wheat flour that adds the Wood Element - then you would have a blanched dessert!

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