Saturday, November 16, 2019

Potluck Bean Salad with Mexican Flavors

Many of you who are my students know that it has been a very busy time for me for both personal and professional reasons. And by the way, my Cookbook will be ready very soon!  So, I haven't done much cooking except that on the last day of my recent module, I decided to bring in lunch since there was a Sounders soccer championship going on in the stadium nearby and all the restaurants nearby were booked for lunch. I made my usual Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad along with a Bean Salad that was so good that I had to share it here and also so I wouldn't forget how I made it! It's really a homemade Salsa mixed in with Beans along with some Corn and Green Peppers. I added Avocado too. It was a huge hit especially with my Vegan students, and I realized what a great Potluck dish this would be. I will definitely make it again, especially for a crowd!  I forgot to take a photo and will add it next time I make it.  

Potluck Bean Salad with Mexican Flavors

2 cans Black Beans
2 cans Pinto Beans
1 Green Pepper
½ White Onion
6 medium Tomatoes
4 ears of Corn, cooked or use 2 cups of frozen Corn
Juice of 5 Limes (or Lemons)
½ cup of Vegetable Oil
1 large or 2 small Serrano Chios
2 teaspoons Salt
1 teaspoon Sugar
Optional:  2 - 3 ripe Avocados, cut into small pieces
For Serving:  Cilantro Leaves

Drain the Beans in a Colander, rinse and drain again. Put the Beans into a large mixing bowl. 

Cut the Green Pepper, Tomatoes and the Onion into small pieces and add to the bowl. Cut the Corn off the cob and add to the bowl

In a small mixing bowl, add together the Lime Juice, Vegetable Oil, Serrano Chili, Salt and Sugar. Stir to combine well.  Pour over the Beans and mix well.  Add the Avocado, if using and stir in gently.  Let the Bean Salad sit for at last 15 minutes, preferably longer in the refrigerator.  When ready to serve, sprinkle with Cilantro leaves.  

Five Element Analysis

Beans belong to the Water Element, especially Black Beans and Avocado adds in a bit more Water along with some of the Wood Element too. The Wood Element is further enhanced by the Lime Juice. The Green Pepper belongs to the Fire Element, with a bit of Wood *because of the color) and the Serrano Chiles and Tomatoes make sure that the Fire Element is fully represented. The Corn contributes the Earth Element and the Onion brings in the Metal Element, along with the Cilantro. This is a beautiful, colorful salad so you probably guessed that it contained al Five Elements and it does in a very delicious way!

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