Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hal's Macadamia Crusted Halibut

This is a great recipe from my ex husband that I have meant to post many times in the last few years. It is a really delicious way to cook Halibut and it is a great dish for a dinner party because it looks a lot harder than it is.  Halibut can be a dry fish if not cooked properly, but this way of cooking it maintains its' moistness and the crust of Macadamia Nuts and Ritz Cracker Crumbs is wonderful. His way of making it involves coating pieces of halibut in a mixture of Best Foods Mayonnaise and Sour Cream. This makes the nut crumb mixture stick to the fish.  I altered the recipe by removing the Sour Cream and used just mayonnaise. I also used Glutino Gluten Free Crackers instead of the Ritz Crackers and it still turned out great.  You can also use Panko Bread Crumbs if desired. The tricks are to make sure that the Macadamia Nuts are not too finely chopped in the food processor or you will have nut butter and to sear the halibut in a hot pan (cast iron is good) coated with only a bit of oil. Then, when both sides are brown, you finish it off in the oven. It is so delicious!

Hal's Macadamia Crusted Halibut

4 - 6 pieces of Halibut (about 4 - 6 ounces each)
1/2 cup Best Foods (Hellman's) Mayonnaise
1 1/4 cups Macadamia Nuts, lightly chopped in a food processor (or by hand)
1/2 cup cracker crumbs (Glutino Gluten Free Crackers or Ritz Crackers - about 10)
2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Mix together the Macadamia Nuts and Cracker Crumbs and put on a plate.  In a wide bowl, put in the mayonnaise.  Take each piece of fish and dip in the mayonnaise (on both sides) and then press into the Nut Crumb Mixture.  Put on a plate until all are coated.  Heat a heavy oven proof frying pan (like cast iron) until hot. Put in oil and when almost smoking (you will see the oil start to separate), carefully put in the fish.  Cook, watching carefully until the Nut Crumb crust gets brown.  Turn and continue cooking until that side is brown.  Then, put into the oven and cook for 8 - 12 minutes, checking with a fork after 8 minutes.

Five Element Analysis

Fish belongs to the Water Element and the Macadamia Nuts add even more. The Mayonnaise and the Gluten Free Cracker crumbs, bring in the Metal Element.  If you use Ritz Crackers or Panko Bread Crumbs, you gain some of the Wood Element. However, you do need to serve this with a green vegetable for more of the Wood Element and to find balance, there needs to be some of the Earth Element, which potatoes would contribute and some of the Fire Element, which could be a berry or apple dessert.  

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