Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hot Lemonade with Honey

I've been traveling way too much lately and feel like I have been suffering from constant jetlag, but considering my schedule - I haven't had a chance to get over it yet! I went from Seattle to London for a few days, then to Singapore for a week and from there to Amsterdam for a week and then back to London for a few days, working at each stop. Needless to say, I had no time or place to cook although I did have some fabulous meals in Singapore. I am finally stopping at a friend's house for a few days before singing at a party in Switzerland this weekend and teaching in Germany the next. And no surprise - I have caught a cold and I need to get over it fast. I am definitely going to start cooking now as that is the best way I know to heal myself and the chicken soup will be bubbling on the stove in just a little while (see 4/19 post for one recipe) .

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my favorite cold remedy - Hot Lemonade with Honey. Most of you probably know how very easy this is to make, but for those of you who don't - I'm posting it for you. Try to buy an organic lemon that has no wax on it and wash it thoroughly. You can make this in a cup with one slice of lemon and a big heaping Tablespoon of honey and you can even add a shot of Whiskey or Scotch to make it a Hot Toddy, but I prefer it plain. You can also make it hot tea with lemon and honey by using either black tea - I prefer English Breakfast or Green Tea. I like to make it in a much larger quantity and have several cups at a time (this teapot made six cups!) The honey and lemon clear the throat and soothe it too. I drink this quite often even when I am not sick because it is so good for you and as a speaker, it is so good both before and after a lecture. It has also been my beverage of choice before singing. I find it is especially good at the very first sign of a sore throat. So try it if you don't already drink it.

Hot Lemonade with Honey

1 large lemon, ends cut off and cut into 8 slices
6 cups boiling water
6 - 8 Tablespoons Honey
Optional: 1 shot of Whiskey or Scotch for each cup of Hot Lemonade
Optional: 1-2 English Breakfast teabags or 1 - 2 Green Tea teabags

In a large teapot, mix lemon slices with boiling water and tea (if using). Stir in honey and taste. Add more if necessary. Pour into mugs and add a shot of spirits (if using).

Five Element Analysis

As a beverage, Hot Lemonade clearly represents the Water Element. Lemons belong to the Wood Element as they can be so sour. The honey brings in the Earth Element. Using tea or spirits adds the Fire Element. Then only the Metal Element is missing. If you are drinking this while sick, make chicken soup with lots of onion, garlic and thyme and that will add the Metal Element that is needed.

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